ENUM Registry

ENUM (Electronic Number Mapping) links phone numbers with Internet addresses using the DNS (Domain Name System). Therefore, ENUM is an important component for the convergence of telephony and internet.

Basically, ENUM is a distributed database, storing addresses (e.g. VoIP addresses for Internet telephony, email addresses or Instant Messenger addresses) for telephone numbers around the globe.


Together with enum.at, IPCom has lauched the first commercial ENUM registry word-wide. Since 9 December 2004 enum.at has been operating the registry and the DNS server for the commercial use of ENUM in Austria. On behalf of the Austrian telecommunications regulator "RTR GmbH", enum.at administrates the 3.4.e164.arpa zone and provides the registrars with the necessary infrastructure for ENUM domains within the number area '+43'.

As a matter of course, IPCom's ENUM registry software can also be used for Infrastructure ENUM.


IPCom GmbH is also a registrar of enum.at and offers registration of ENUM domains via the my-enum portal (for all Austrian phone numbers +43). Get you ENUM domain for your geografic phone number or register your favourite number with the Austrian area code 0780!