IPCom Registry Software

Our registry software is in operation (or currently being deployed) in various countries:
•    ".at" ccTLD
•    ".no" ccTLD (in preparation)
•    ENUM-Registry for "+43" (Austria)
•    ENUM-Registry for "+353" (Ireland)
•    ENUM-Trial under "+31" (The Netherlands, in evaluation)

DNS Services

IPCom (together with and partly in cooperation with the University of Vienna) provides DNS services for the following Top Level Domains:
•    ".at" as well as all subdomains like "", "" (Austria)
•    ".eg" (Egypt)
•    ".hr" (Croatia)
•    ".ir" (Iran)
•    ".mk" (Macedonia)
•    "" (Austria, ENUM)
By putting our own anycast cloud into operation (3rd quarter 2010) we enlarge our DNS services portfolio: IPCom then also offers high quality DNS services to registrars and enterprises.

Further References

Our references in the field of consulting and VoIP are available here.