Project References

The following list contains some of our larger proejects - please note that since most of our projects are performed under non-disclosure agreements, not all project references contain an actual customer name:

  • VoIP-Security Audit of the VoIP-product of a large mobile operator, including a training of the operators of the system.
  • DNS-Registry-Software for the norwegian country code Top Level Domain ".no" (NORID)
  • Consulting of a ccTLD registry in the middle east regarding opening of the TLD namespace and the modernisation of the Registry system and the related processes.
  • Provisioning of the Registry system for the ENUM-DNS-Registries in Austria (+43, und Ireland (+353, IENUM)
  • Planning, implementing and deployment of a fully VoIP-based telephony system for an Austrian carrier.
  • Fax- and VoIP-solution for the Austrian branch of an international consulting enterprise
  • VoIP-Security-Audit of several Internet- and Telephony service providers.
  • Backing of various VoIP-projects of a large mobile operator.
  • Creation of a Report about Identity Management Systems for the German Ministry of Economy.
  • Planning, implementing and deploying a paneuropean VoIP-based telephony solution for a medium sized Austrian industrial enterprise.
  • Concept for a next-generation emergency calling system for a south european country.
  • Architektur und Implementierung einer länderübergreifenden Telefonie-Lösung auf VoIP-Basis für ein mittelständisches österreichisches Industrieunternehmen

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