New TLDs

ICANN will likely open the application window for new Top Level Domains at the beginning of 2011. For successfully submitting an application to ICANN, extensive preparation and planning is necessary on the technical, administrative, legal and financial aspects of the prospective TLD operation.

IPCom GmbH is an experienced vendor of registry systems and can also support you on the way to your own TLD – right from the preparation steps and the ICANN policy to the running registry system. Following the modular principle, you can choose the services that fit your business best.

Phases from the idea to the operation of your TLD:

Planning Phase

At the very beginning a concrete concept for the desired TLD has to be worked out. IPCom may help your TLD by:

  • Holding an introduction workshop to the world of domain registries
  • Performing market research, finding target audience
  • Developing a concept for the new TLD
  • Developing a registration policy
  • Reviewing legal aspects
  • Reviewing business plans
  • Representation/lobbying at ICANN
  • Supporting your events

ICANN Application

Many prerequisites are necessary to successfully apply for a new TLD at ICANN. Let IPCom help you with the complex application documents:

  • Coaching for the application process
  • Preparation of application documents

    • Technical, legal and commercial aspects
    • Policy development (sunrise, landrush, registration policy)
    • Designing registry infrastructure
    • Specify all details for the application, e.g. concept for the DNS network

  • Lobbying
  • Answer queries of ICANN related to the ICANN evaluation process

Registry-Start: Deployment / Sunrise

After acceptance of ICANN, the actual implementation of the new TLD registry starts. In this phase, IPCom may offer you services in the following areas:

  • Installation of the complete registry environment

    • Including support tools, accounting interfaces, reporting tools, monitoring services, backup services

  • Deployment of the DNS network
  • Setup or expansion of distribution channel (registrars)
  • Handling of sunrise and landrush phases

    • Grandfathering
    • Auctions
    • First come first served

  • Optionally setup of financial accounting and customer support hotline
  • Providing documentation (internal and external)
  • Performing trainings (internal and external)

Registry Operation

After the successful registry start IPCom ensures the smooth operation of your registry. Besides the technical operation, IPCom also offers the following services:

  • Operation and support for all categories

    • Individual scope of performance
    • Support for scaling of services
    • Policy modifications (if desired)

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Support for regular interaction with ICANN, e.g.:

    • Monthly reporting
    • Handling of data escrowing

Let us support your TLD!

We would like to offer you an individual solution for your TLD project. Contact us for more information or a personal call.