Asterisk - Open Source VoIP Solutions and Trainings

Asterisk a software produkt from Digium Inc, is the most used open source telephony software. Asterisk supports the common VoIP protocols (SIP, IAX, H323, Skype ...) as well as traditional telephone protocols (analog, ISDN, SS7). Due it's great flexibility, Asterisk can be used as PBX, gateway and application server.

IPCom GmbH offers Asterisk trainings, consultancy, system integration and security audits. Typical usage scenarios for Asterisk are:

  • Asterisk as PBX
  • Asterisk as extension to an existing PBX
  • Asterisk as soft-switch
  • Least-cost-routing and SIP trunking
  • SS7 connections
  • Fax-server solutions

Asterisk for Carriers

IPCom GmbH offers an Asterisk-based turn-key solution for telephony service providers called "IPComTCS". IPComTCS supports amongst others POTS replacement, hosted PBX, SIP trunking and LCR. For more details please refer to IPComTCS.

Asterisk Community Contribution

IPCom GmbH not only sells Asterisk-based solutions to its customers but actively supports the Asterisk community and contributes to the project. This gives additional benefits to our customers like in-depth knowledge, being up-to-date with the newest features and fast support in case of problems.

For example, following features were co-developed by IPCom GmbH:

  • UMTS video integration (AMR codec, ISDN/SS7 integration)
  • ISDN Advice-of-Charge (AoC)
  • PIDF-LO support for SIP
  • T.38 fax-gatewaying

Tailored Solutions

IPCom GmbH is the proper partner for your Asterisk-based solution. Our extensive experience and know-how allows us to offer Asterisk-based solutions also for complex scenarios and tough requirements. We are familiar with the Asterisk code base which enables us to implement additional features on the source code level.

Send us your inquiry with your specifications, and we are happy to offer you an Asterisk-based solution meeting and exceeding your requirement.