The addressing scheme is one of the fundamental differences between traditional telephony and IP-based communication. While traditional telephony uses phone number to address endpoints on the public switched telephony network (PSTN), IP-based communication protocols use uniform resource identifiers (URLs) to address internet based endpoints. Typical examples for such URLs are:

  • http://www.ipcom.at/
  • mailto:office@ipcom.at
  • sip:office@ipcom.at

For seamless convergence between traditional and IP-based communication, a mapping between phone numbers and URLs is needed. ENUM (Electronic Number Mapping) was developed to provide such a mapping between phone numbers and the respective URLs. For example the phone number of IPCom GmbH is linked to IPCom's web-, email and VoIP address (see ENUM-Lookup).

Therefore, ENUM is the addressing scheme link between the PSTN and IP-based communication services like VoIP. ENUM enables a common addressing, and allows to use phone numbers seamlessly for IP-based communication services. For more details about ENUM please refer to the website of our sister company enum.at.

ENUM Services

enum.at, a sister of IPCom GmbH, operates the Austrian ENUM registry (+43), which was the first commercial ENUM registry in the world. enum.at also heavily contributed to the development and standardization of ENUM.

The know-how and the regisitry software of enum.at is successfuly brought to market by IPCom GmbH. For example, Ireland and the Netherlands use our registry software for the operation of their ENUM registry. Furthermore, IPCom GmbH operates an ENUM registrar für Austria. At the website www.my-enum.at customers can register ENUM-domains for phone numbers within the +43 country code.

IPCom GmbH provides consultancy, development and turnkey solutions for the following topics:

  • Registry software (EPP)
  • Tier-1 and tier-2 name server services
  • ENUM-based number portability (MNP, LNP)
  • ENUM policies and consulting for regulatory issues
  • Infrastructure ENUM, private ENUM

Tailored Solutions

For more information on our range of ENUM services please send us an inquiry.