Kamailio - SIP Proxy for Carriers and Enterprises

If your SIP components are overloaded or lacks important features like encryption and IPv6 then it is time for a Kamailio-based solution. Kamailio SIP Proxy offers high performance, amazing flexibility and a rich set of features.

Kamailio (formerly named Openser) is a Open Source SIP Proxy/Registrar/Redirect Server. Openser began as a fork of the "SIP Express Routers" (SER) and later got renamed to Kamailio because of trademark issues. Meanwhile Kamailio and SER developers joined forces again and Kamailio will be developed as part of the "SIP-Router Project". Kamailio is a high-performant and highly flexible SIP proxy, thus it can be used in most SIP scenarios.

IPCom GmbH offers trainings, consulting, system integration and software development for Kamailio.


Some important features of Kamailio are

  • SIP proxy/registrar/redirect-server
  • Supported transport protocols: UDP/TCP/TLS/SCTP over IPv4 and IPv6
  • NAT traversal and media relaying
  • Stateless and stateful forwarding
  • Presence (SIMPLE) and dialog-info support
  • Radius and database interfaces
  • Load balancing

The main application areas of Kamailio are deployments with high amount of SIP traffic or scenarios where PBX features are not needed. Typical scenarios for Kamailio deployments are:

  • SIP registrar with NAT traversal
  • Load balancer for Asterisk clusters
  • SIP mediation and message manipulation between incompatible proprietary SIP components
  • Security with TLS and SRTP
  • Protocol conversion between IPv4 and IPv6 and UDP/TCP/SCTP/TLS


IPCom GmbH helps you to setup, extend and maintain your VoIP infrastructure. We offer Kamailio trainings, installation support, creation and review of your Kamailio configuration and penetration testing of your Kamailio/VoIP systems.

Of course we support all SER-based SIP Proxys: SER, Kamailio, SIP-Router und OpenSIPS.

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