Near Field Communication (NFC), based on RFID technology, enables contact-free communication between NFC-enabled mobile phones and NFC "tags". These tags are usually very small and can be mounted on posters, on stickers, in smart cards or key rings.

NFC describes the data profile in which the data is stored on the tag (NDEF), enabling various scenarios. Typical use cases are:

  • Internet address (HTTP link)
  • Sending short messages
  • initiate calls

Our software "NFC-tagger" supports writing of smart-poster tags, URI tags and text tags. NFC-tagger also can be used to "lock" tags, making the tag a read-only tag.


NFC-Tagger supports MIFARE 1K and compatible tags, and the Omnikey CardMan 5321 NFC reader. As the communication to the NFC reader uses the Windows PC/SC API, the relevant drivers for the NFC reader needs to be installed.

NFC-Tagger was developed with Visual Studio 2008. Therefore, the VC++ 2008 Redistributable Package needs to be installed.

Documentation and Support

NFC-Tagger (screenshot) is self-explanatory and should be easy to use.

If you experience any issues with NFC-Tagger please contact klaus.darilion (at) directly.


NFC-Tagger is open source, licensed under GPL version 2.


NFC-Tagger is open source, therefore you can extend and build NFC-Tagger yourself. The source code of NFC-Tagger is hosted in the project's SVN repository at Sourceforge. Please see readme.txt for instructions how to build NFC-Tagger.

If you need extensions to NFC-Tagger but you do not want to implement it yourself, we offer you development based on time and material - please contact klaus.darilion (at) for more details.