QjSimple is an open source cross-plattform SIP client, targeted at SIP developers. QjSimple is based on the pjsip SIP stack and the Qt application framework. The user interface of QjSimple is very basic, nevertheless QjSimple offers several, especially for developers interesting features (see screenshots).


QjSimple offers the following features:

  • Cross-plattform: Windows/Linux/Mac OS X
  • Open source: GPL
  • SIP over UDP, TCP and TLS
  • IPv6 (UDP only)
  • SRTP media encryption (SDES - RFC 4568)
  • Instant messaging (MESSAGE - RFC 3428)
  • Presence (SIMPLE - end2end and server-based presence)
  • NAT traversal (STUN)


Download of the source code: QjSimple-0.6.6-src.zip

Download of Windows binaries:QjSimple-0.6.6.zip

Documentation and Support

The user interface of QjSimple ist self-explanatory. Instructions for building QjSimple are in the INSTALL_QjSimple_* and readme.txt files, included in the source code. Check the Changelog file for a list of recent changes.

If you experience any issues with QjSimple please directly contact klaus.darilion (at) ipcom.at.


QjSimple is open source, licensed under GPL version 2.