IPComTCS - IPCom's carrier VoIP solution

You're looking for a flexible, universal, scalable, resilient telephony system to operate voice and video services on VoIP and PSTN, but don't want to spend a fortune on conventional telephony switch technology? Your current systems are not flexible enough, or don't support your service requirements? IPComTCS will be the right product for you.

System Architecture

IPComTCS is based on Asterisk software in combination with extensions required for carrier operations. Optionally, the system can be run in a high availability cluster setup. IPComTCS is a modular system, and arbitrary combinations of the several modules are possible. Depending on the expected system load, modules can share a single server, or can be operated on seperate hardware for each module. This allows for scalability of the whole system, providing a cost-effective market entrance but still allowing for scale-up once performance requirements increase.

High availability of the system is achieved by hot-standby components, taking over the functionality in case off outage of the primary system.

Gateway Module

The gateway module connects the system to the PSTN, and allows for interconnect with other carriers. Main features of the gateway module are:

  • Interconnect over ISDN (PRI/BRI), SS7 or SIP-Trunks
  • Least Cost Routing and Black Lists
  • number portability (LNP, MNP)
  • internal dynamic routing
  • CDR (call ticket) creation

Service Module

The service module allows for hosting telephony services on the platform, for example:

  • activating shared-cose, premium rate and freephone numbers
  • playback of recorded messages / announcements
  • interactive voice menus (IVR)
  • Call modification / refinement
  • Text-to-speech

PBX module

The PBX module allows for provision of hosted PBX (IP Centrex) solutions. Arbitrary numbers of PBXs with aribtrary numbers of extensions can be configured (limited by system performance). Multiple instances of PBX modules can be clustered into a giant virtual PBX module within IPComTCS.

The PBX instances themselves provide all common PXB features (Call diversion, Call forwarding, Call transfer, Voice announcements, IVR menus, Voicemailboxes)

POTS module

The POTS ("Plain Old Telephony Service") module provides fixed-line replacement services via VoIP. End users receive a VoIP phone with well known PSTN features, for example Call diversion, voicemail, Blacklists, etc.

Prepaid as well as Postpaid billing is possible - the POTS module contains an interface to billing systems, and can perform real-time credit / call time limit queries.

SIP-Trunking module

The SIP-Trunking module allows connecting enterprise customers with their own VoIP PBX to the system. Such customers typically are SME as well as medium sized companies, hotels, call centers and telephone call shops.

SIP-trunks can be individually and flexibly configured to allow for compatibility with various PBX vendors.

Fax module

IPComTCS has built-in fax support in all modules. Additionally, the POTS-, PBX- and trunking modules add support for T.38 for reliable faxing over the Internet - fax machines of end customers are operated like any other extension.

Additionally to that basic Fax functionality, the Fax module provides a faxserver and web interface, allowing end users to send and receive faxes via email or a web portal.

ENUM module

The ENUM module allows for querying the DNS on outbound calls, and hence terminating the call directly to destinations on the Internet. Additionally, ENUM can be activated on a per-customer basis for inbound calls.

Such customers can then be called directly over the internet, typically free-of-charge for the caller.

Your customized solution

IPComTCS already supports most common telephony features, and interconnects with a wide range of other systems. Additional features based on your requirements can be implemented on time & material basis.

If you need more information about IPComTCS, please contact us. We're looking forward to talk to you and provide you with an offer that suits your specific requirements.