UMTS Video

UMTS video calling is an interesting feature that is already support by most current mobile handsets. However, it is little known that video calls are also possible on digital fixed line circuits (such as ISDN or SS7).

This functionality allows for integration of UMTS video calls into IP-based video telephony. A UMTS video gateway connects SIP-based video clients with the world of UMTS video calling.


The UMTS video gateway server can also be used as an video application server, and record videos from mobiles, as well as play back prerecorded videos to other handsets. Even video based IVR-menus are possible.

Technical details

The UMTS video gateway supports video telephony according to H.324M. The gateway system is based on a version of the Asterisk Open Source PBX, extended by encoding/decoding support for H.324M and some additional applications to play back and record videos.

Depending on the use case, licensing of the used voice codec (AMR) may be required.

Your solution

If you're interested in the UMTS video gateway, please contact us for more information. Our services include consulting, training, deployment of UMTS video services as well as maintenance of deployed services.