DNS Basics

In this full-day, technology centric training/workshop participants will acquire extensive knowledge about the Domain Name System. A practical workshop will introduce participants into administrating and operating a nameserver by themselves.

Each of our trainers has more than 10 years experience in the operation of DNS servers, at both internet service providers and the ".at" domain name registry.

Training Goal

Gain detailed knowledge about the Domain Name system, and be capable of managing DNS resources from the technical as well administrative perspective (domains & nameservers) independently, for example within an enterprise.

The training is aimed at IT system administrators with basic knowledge in the fields of Internet & Linux.

Training Itinerary

  • History of the Domain Name System
  • Overview of the ecosystem of Domain Name Registration
  • The structure of the DNS
  • Domains, Zones, Names
  • Resource Records and Classes
  • Overview of Open Source nameserver software
  • Configuration and testing of a nameserver
  • Maintaining DNS zones
  • Securing zones and nameservers


  • 1 day

If you would like to attend this training, or you are interested in a customized training in your company please contact us - we're looking forward to your inquiry.