Professional VoIP with Open Source 1

Duration3 days
GoalAfter this training, participants can install the Asterisk Open Source PBX on a Linux PC, and are able to independently configure a basic PBX on that system.
Target audienceNetwork- and system administrators
PrerequisitesNetworking (TCP/IP, SMTP, HTTP), Basic knowledge of Linux

This training teaches the basics of telephony technology, the transfer to Voice over IP, and conveys practical experience in installing and configuring an IP based PBX, based on the "Asterisk" Open Source PBX.

After the training, participants should be able to install, configure and operate an IP-based PBX with access to the public telephony network.

The training also gives an overview of existing preconfigured "Asterisk" systems, to allow for adding a graphical interface for configuration of the PBX.

Training Itinerary

  • Training Overview
  • Introduction Telephoney: POST, ISDN, mobile
  • Introduction Voice over IP and related protocols
  • Introduction into "Asterisk" Open Source telephony software
  • short Linux introduction
  • Installation of Asterisk software
  • Configuration of SIP phones
  • Creation of a simple dial plan and numbering rules
  • Connecting to the public telephony network: POTS, ISDN, mobile
  • Asterisk Extension Language - programming the dial plan
  • Extending the dial plan: macros
  • Voice box and voice mail
  • Interactive Voice Response menus (IVR)
  • Recordings and on-hold music
  • Securing Asterisk: Firewall configuration and the "safe dial plan"
  • Asterisk as an extension of an existing PBX
  • Connection branches: Static VoIP routing between Asterisk instances
  • Extended PBX functionality: Call waiting, Call transfer, Call redirect
  • Call queues (Call center applications)
  • Overview of preconfigured Asterisk distributions and graphical user interfaces
  • Preview of Asterisk Training 2: System integration